For great quality, excellent value, genuine products delivered with first class service and support – it has to be powered by Stealthvape.


Welcome to our new site dedicated solely to rebuildable vaping supplies.

Our aim is to make shopping for rebuildable supplies more streamlined and accessible, bringing you the best products for affordable prices.


Why buy from us?

Our expertise is rooted in the fact that we are vapers and have been for over five years. We use all of the products we sell; we spend time and money ensuring that we only source the safest options available, designed for vaping. But also:


Support: As vapers, we have an extensive knowledge of rebuilding and mod building. We are on hand to answer any questions ranging from which wire to buy and how to build a coil through to more complex technical aspects of mod building. We are even happy to answer your enquiries regarding which wick would best suit a particular atomiser.

Service: All orders made before Midday will be securely packed and despatched the same day. We aim to try to accommodate other orders placed by 15:30, time permitting. Thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our commitment to you.

History: We are specialists in rebuildable vaping supplies and offer genuine items you can be confident in. We strive to constantly push the envelope by sourcing or designing original products to increase your vaping pleasure.

Quality: We go further to ensure that we source superior items and source directly from major manufacturers. We do not compromise our standards because we understand that you appreciate items that you can rely on and have assurance in.

Price: Stealthvape’s mission is to bring you excellent value by bringing the best products at affordable prices. Not to forget the added value we place on our sales with useful free additions that can be placed in your basket.

Products: We are always looking for exciting new products to add to our lines. We are the company who brought you the excellent Voodoowool and were delighted to be the first to offer superior tempered Ni200 wire to vapers around the world.

Stocking: We buy in large quantities and bag or recoil in convenient sizes for regular use. We hold high stock levels so that you can be assured that all listed products are available and there’s no waiting – simply add the product to your basket and enjoy.

Added value: “Free” is one of the best words – and we excel at bringing you a range of optional add-ons to your orders including the free lifesaver magnet (preventing those wire reels from unravelling), colourful free vape grips and the immensely popular bags of free Muji.